Navigate the backcountry with confidence.

Whether you're just beginning your avalanche safety education, looking for a refresher, or ready for more advanced trainings, our experienced team will guide you on the next step of your winter adventures.

This season we are excited to expand our offering to backcountry hut trips, AIARE Level I, Avalanche Rescue, and AIARE Level II courses.

Check out our new Avalanche Level 1 Refresher courses and Intro to Backcountry Skiing/Riding programs. Each program has substantial field time and boasts small groups, personalized attention, and high quality instructors.
Course Locations:

  • Most AIARE Level 1 courses occur in Estes Park, CO
  • AIARE Level 2 is a Keystone, CO course
  • AIARE Avalanche Rescue and Level 1 Refreshers can be booked for Estes Park, St. Mary's Glacier, or Keystone. 


    I came into the AMGA Single Pitch Instructor course very nervous. Bondi Outdoor did an amazing job of meeting me where I am at and supporting me through the course.

    The instructors gave great feedback, and had so much knowledge to share! They were able to teach me a lot of things that were new to me in a short amount of time. I am grateful for my experience at Bondi Outdoor Leadership and am looking forward to more courses there!

    - Linnea, AMGA Single Pitch Instructor (SPI) Course

    The instructors are clearly both very experienced educators and know their subject matter with great depth. I would definitely recommend them.

    Their instruction and leadership methods are an example I will work to emulate. Light but focused, fun but safe... highly informative, clearly demonstrative, incredibly attentive... the instructors were excellent listeners, highly observant, and seem to have a well-practiced skill at identifying the obstacles of students and showing ways to accomplish the learning objectives.

    - Bob, AMGA Single Pitch Instructor (SPI) Course

    The instructors at Bondi Outdoor Leadership focus on teaching the proper skills and thoroughly assure that the participant understands each learning objective.

    I took the Single Pitch Instructor Course and was thrilled with how much knowledge I took away. Nate is happy to answer every question with charisma and excitement. I highly recommend this company, especially if you are trying to improve your outdoor skills.

    - Landon, AMGA Single Pitch Instructor (SPI) Course

    The thing I like the most about AMGA compared to other programs is how organized everything is.

    As soon as I signed up for the course I was contacted and given all the tools I needed to to prepare and do well on the course. During the course the facilitation was well organized and presented.

    - Quinn, AMGA Single Pitch Instructor (SPI) Course