WMA 5-Day Wilderness First Responder

Wilderness Medical Associates International(WMAI) is dedicated to the development of remote and practical medicine around the globe. We are medical and rescue professionals, researchers, experienced educators, and advocates for healthcare in wilderness contexts. Our curriculum, overseen and continually revised by a committee of medical practitioners and academics, has been taught on all seven continents.

WMAI annually trains over 10,000 medically and non-medically trained learners around the world. Our courses are hosted by colleges and universities, medical schools, camps, outdoor adventure companies, rural ambulance services, private industry, government entities and licensed training companies, which are independent companies owned by some of WMA’s excellent instructors licensed to teach WMA curriculum. WMAI will train responders and practitioners needed for medical care in low resource settings, anywhere in the world.

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Wilderness Medical Associates

April 10-14, 2024 —5-Day Wilderness First Responder

  • Open to all outdoor enthusiasts and professionals
  • Course includes 30 hours of pre-course reading, scenarios, and quizzes/tests (must be completed prior to field days)
  • Course will include many indoor and outdoor group scenarios.
  • Candidates should plan on long days 8am-6pm, homework in the evenings, and challenging physical & natural environments.


This is an intensive version of our standard course and requires ~30 hours of self-directed pre-course review of a textbook and completion of a study guide prior to 45 hours of in-person learning over the course of five days. This course is ideal for those who are good at self-directed textbook learning or have prior medical experience or training. Conscientious preparation, studying, and time prior to the course is essential for success. Students are provided an electronic or physical textbook and downloadable study guide to review the curriculum and are expected to come to class ready to engage in drills and skill practice. We recommend that students register for the course four weeks prior to the course start date to allow time to 1) receive the textbook by mail (if applicable), 2) download the PDF Study Guide, and 3) adequately complete the 30+ hours of pre-course work. If the course start date is less than two weeks away, students will no longer be able to register for the course due to insufficient time to complete the pre-course work. Students are encouraged to register and begin pre-course review in advance of the required deadlines. All students must complete all pre-course work prior to arrival on course.