Frequently Asked Questions & Key Info

Danger?! What?!

All outdoor programs have an inherent level of risk. All of our pre-trip communication, pre-trip meetings, waivers, group gear, personal gear inspections, and on-course briefings are to set up our groups and each person to know the hazards and prepare for the risks that we may encounter. This can be as simple as inspecting your footwear and requiring close-toed shoes on all hikes. Some risks have big consequences more quickly- like rock climbing- where it takes a little more teaching before an activity begins, and we’re more particular about the harness, climbing shoes, and helmets you use.


Links are provide here to all of our waivers to give you more information on the inherent risks of various programs.

 Bondi Outdoor Leadership Corp: Waiver, Release & Indemnity Agreement Link

Common Course Locations
  • Jeffco Open Space, Jefferson County, Colorado
  • Staunton State Park, Pine, CO
  • Rocky Mountain National Park, CO
  • White River National Forest: Dillon, Holy Cross & Clear Creek Ranger Districts
Refund and Cancellation Policy
  • Once a sale has been made, the following policy governs all requests for refunds or cancellations of courses.
  • All refunds or cancellations will incur a 15% administrative fee after 24 hours.
  • However, some of our larger trips or experiences do have a non-refundable deposit. This is due to the fact that we incur non-refundable expenses on most of our Big Adventures and multi-day trips at 90 days out from a trip from other vendors.
  • Requests for refunds or cancellations received in writing 61 days or more out from any course, the cancellation will incur a 15% fee, the remaining 85% will be refunded.
    Requests for refunds or cancellations received in writing 61 to 31 days out from any course, the cancellation will incur a 25% fee, the remaining 75% will be refunded.
    Cancellations made 30 days and under from a course, training, or exam will receive no refund.
  • Please see program specific cancellation policies, as some are different than the policy above. Custom courses have additional agreements with varying policies. 
    Please email or call 720-515-0107 with any other questions.


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